Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So-Fyh Magazine Online review of Beautiful Series

By Danielle Taylor of So Fyh Magazine Online:

About the Beautiful Series

I enjoyed speaking with talented writer, Ms. Kiexiza Rodriquez from Richmond, Va. She was so delighted to share with So Fyh Magazine Online about her upcoming book series. Kiexiza brings a whole new flavor to the writing style community. This diva will have you trying to take a peek at the next chapter before you finish the first one. Here series is entitled “The Beautiful Series” and introduces you to, Tierra Rodriquez, Aquarian, Sean, Shireece, and Vito who are childhood friends. Together they are a bunch you’re sure to relate to or even know someone just like them.

The first book is named, "Beautiful” which I thinkis well very well written. There is so much going on in this novel, from a rekindled friendship, a love lost, jealousy, betrayal, egos busted, even a life and death struggle, and oh plenty of drama to keep you interested! This book deals with the decisions, triumph and disappointments Tierra and Aquarian must face as they both deal with loss, and while trying to find love. Beautiful answers the answer the question, “how long can we be troubled with our past hurts or even hide skeletons in our closets, before all goes to hell?” It is a good, easy read book and Ms. Kiexiza Rodriquez has something in it that you'll enjoy from the beginning to the end. I would encourage each of you to go ahead and pre-order your copy of this book today. Because once they reach 100, they are gone!    You can order you copy by clicking here> Kiexiza's website

So Fyh Magazine Online would like to say congratulations to Ms. Kiexiza Rodriquez for her contribution to the community and her aid to promote literacy. She admits as an author, her livelihood depends on avid readers. But, as a mother she believes we all have a responsibility to our youth to help build a love for books, which is why she reads to her children as often as she can and is an example for them by reading often herself.

Ms. Rodriquez has more books in this series coming soon. So be on the lookout for the other 4 book in The Beautiful Series!! Here they are: "BEAUTIFUL" which we have already explored , Beautiful Seduction"now in this book  you will be on the edge as you go into the lives of married couple, Sean and Shireece, with more than a few secrets between them. One thing about keeping secrets it can cost you more than just your life. Find out if they wake up before someone dies.

"Beautiful Innocence"Once again, author Kiexiza Rodriquez has really done a thing on us as she takes us on a journey in the life of Kashia, Aquarian's sister, as she is trying to adjust to her life as a college student and the freedom of it all. No more parents mean No one to control her every move.  How much trouble can a young woman get into in a new city? You’ll have to read to find out.

Just when you think Ms. Rodriquez couldn't possibly pull another rabbit out of the hat, she does, and adds a few more surprises, in the novel, "Beautiful Revelations" - Oh, WOW! Reading is believing, as revelations are revealed you’ll never see coming. The town player let me say Mr. Playboy Vito, himself gets his whole world rocked right off the hinges, and may just have to grow up overnight and a single mother is torn between matters of the heart and her fears that have tormented her entire life. Please don't throw in the preverbal towel just yet, because the great thing about the turning points of The Beautiful Series is that while you're moving on with a new juicy story, you will be keeping up with each and every one of the books and story plots from the books before.  It sets you up for the final novel in this series, sure to be the biggest shocker of them all. So please get ready for this mind blowing novel to do damage!  Beautiful Destructionwith a mind boggling twist you’ll have to READ it to believe! The Beautiful Series, is guaranteed to be well worth your investment. So please, hurry and order book 1 NOW!

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