Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Have you ever made a decision that you wish with all you had that you could go back and take back, re-do, start again? Yea, i know you have, we all have at one point in our lives. The bad thing is that there are no do overs. We don't get to rewind time and go back and set it right, now that we know the answers.
What can we do now? Make the best of it? Cry our eyes out? Get pissed yell and scream? Drink ourselves into numbness? NO, i mean yelling may work for a moment and drinking your blues away, well that's just not a good idea either. Now crying I don't see the harm in releasing tension and pain through a few tears, hence the word FEW. But wallowing in self-pity and regret, only lands you on a therapist sofa swallowing med's for depression. 

But to simply say "Just get over it" is heartless and cruel and leaves you with no options as well.
So what does one do?

What can you do NOW, to fix where you went wrong, would be the best question. What can you do about your circumstances as they are NOW, not looking back at what could of, should of been, but what IS and working with what you have. Sure we all could have paid those bills on time, instead of buying that new outfit. We could have said we were sorry, and not let that person walk out of our lives. We could have reacted differently to that situation. But, the fact is we didn't! We did what we did and now we are here. So all we can deal with is the here and the now.

Look at your situation and decide what you can do about your NOW, to change it and make it better. Stop regretting yesterday and feeling sorry for yourself and get up and make a change. THINGS WILL NEVER CHANGE UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! So do things different. Make a phone call and apologize. It may be too late to get them back, but just say it anyway. Catch up on those bills and stop buying what you want, and learn to survive on ONLY what you need for a while. Learn how to calm down, how to take a step back before you react. See where it is you want to be and make a plan as to how and what you need to do to get there and WORK THAT PLAN.

No I'm not saying it will be easy. I'm not saying it's so simple as to make a plan and bang it will happen. Things will happen, life happens. There will be complications, drama, mishaps, setbacks, but stand fast and hold your ground. Remember where you came from and where you are trying to go. Set your eyes on your prize.

NO Regrets, No Prisoners, Just Accomplishments.  Relish and enjoy even the smallest of Accomplishments for each one brings you closer to completion of the goal you set before you.

Kiexiza Rodriquez
DiamondStar Entertainment

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