Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are you a REAL Man.Woman?

This was the question asked on the Tony n Kie BTR show  on March 16, 2011.
The lines were flooded with people all over the USA calling in to say what they thought made up a REAL man, or a REAL woman. Some where within all the relationship and generalizations some really good points were made.
One being that each gender makes FAR too many generalizations towards the other, ie.."All men are dogs, there are no good men left, men don't want to step up and take the lead and provide." "All women are gold diggers, Single mothers are looking for a new baby daddy, women are looking for a man to do it ALL, while they do little in return."
General comments such as these and others i'm sure if asked you yourself could come up, HURT our relationships more than they help. When you spread statements you spread the ideal that there is no one good out there, that there is no hope of real true love. Maybe instead of GENERALIZING one should speak on their own experiences and then step back and think why is this their experience. Its easier to say ALL men are dogs than to admit, the men you've dated were all jerks. Its easier to say All women are lazy, than to admit you seem to keep ending up with women who don't want to do much.
There are millions of people in the world, do you REALLY believe that there are NO good men or women out there left? Of course not. But when we get hurt over and over again we tend to see the world through tented glasses.
Take off your glasses and view and experience the world for what it truly is. Really examine yourself and the places and people that you have involved yourself with. Where there triggers that you could of noticed before you got too deeply involved? Do you know what you want out of a potential relationship? What do you bring to the table, what are you hoping to receive in return? Can you walk away once you see the other is not on the same page? can you verbalize your desires in order to not waste your or the other persons time?
If you want to get married, have a family and settle down, and she wants to party all the time, why are you wasting your time? If you know you want to move out of state in the near future and he says he will never leave his hometown why would you invest your heart in HOPES that things change? Can you really get upset when they don't If that person was honest with you and you knew in advance?

Putting your wants and desires out on the table early on is a wise choice. This is not the time to play poker with your heart and future! Don't hold your cards, SHOW YOUR HAND and SAVE YOUR HEART.
In the end, that is what the over all consensus was as to the true nature of a good man or woman, being able to stand up for what they want, to NOT play games with someones heart. To do all they can to be the best they can and not just let life slip you by. Treating others as you want to be treated, respecting ones parents and doing right by your children. Being faithful, honest and reliable, all these were traits that some felt made up a good person.

So what do you think?
What makes a MAN a man and a WOMAN a woman?
Kiexiza Rodriquez

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