Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do You See Me?

My head is exploding
My heart's a fire
 im confused
and there seems to be no
end to this endless desire

Do you see me?
The tears i cry
of am i just a waste of your time?
a small
something that just got in ur way?

if a time machine was invented
would you steal
 use it
to erase your
memory of me and you
wash away the stain
of the first time
you said i love you

do you secretly wish you could undo
your memory of me
its all the same
 no matter what i do
in the end
its just a game

i'm still amidst the  rain
turmoil sniffs
its way home,
seas of never ending
twists and turns,
of emotionless
midst, engulfs me
suffocates me

but no calm
i can still feel the rage all around me
and yet,
still you can't see me
cant feel me
dont know me
in a crowd
cant recognize
my voice
don't remember my touch

Life sucks
and i'm strained
i want off this train
please calgone just take me away
let me,
slip beneath your silky bubbles
of X-tacy,
mesmerize me
with the simplistic
nuances of my daily life

distract me
captivate me
reassure me
that somewhere
is looking for someone

then shoot me down
yank me
back into reality

thats what you do!
so i guess you do see me
maybe you see
all im really worth
yet you wont allow me to be free
to achieve all that is within me.


Kiexiza Rodriquez

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