Monday, May 23, 2011

I am

I am but a broken shatter shallow shell of a soul
Empty, broken, used and abused
thrown to the wolves
forced to fend on ones own
secretly craving the love
that will set me free...,

I am but a humble, nurturing, giving without asking soul
wishing and hopping to get a 10% of what i give
willing to pour out 100% of me into you
remain drained, weak and still come
when again you call my name

I am but one woman,
one soul
on body
one heart
one life

no matter how far down you toss me
throw me step on my neck and curse me
somehow, still i rise to the top
and smile
after a night of angered tearful cries
again like the phoenix from the ash of my past
still i rise.

still i rise,
and just as fast
sink down to oblivion
fetal position embraces me
remembers me instantly
and opens arms wide
calling me home
to a home i have yet to fully know

this is not where i want to be
please set me free
the is an inner me
with a bigger dream
but the darkness
blocks out the light
shuts me in
continues the same ole thing again

i am but one woman
willing to love beyond
all control rhyme or any reason
known to man
yet the Beautiful Mess i am
seems to much for any human man
all that i want
all that i am
all that i seek
is fading beyond my grip with reality
so into the vortex i send my dreams

Kiexiza Rodriquez

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