Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This Feeling

What is this i'm feeling, this shell that's overcome me
what is this darkness, that's taken hold and wont let go?

What is this cloud, that's trying to engulf my soul
trying to choke me out, and just wont let go

has me crying over, stupid TV shows
commercials, music, and fluffy bears
eyes reddened cant turn away
cant dare

what is this that has, rendered my soul, useless?
im new to this, was on a whole other plan

Where is the sun, that was making a come back
in my emptiness/ Where is its warmth
that had melted the ice cold feeling of nothingness
from my heart. had it all but gone away

wheres my rainbow, i could just about see its
end, Boy, the plans i had
for that pot o gold,
guess you really cant count, on happiness
until it actually arrives
and is it here to stay?

If i cant count on my heart, on my emotions
on this stirring im feeling, in the center
of my soul, what can i count on?

What is this feeling, im feeling
what is this, what is this hollow place
where is my knight, where is my warmth
where is that touch, that sensitive, understanding
this feeling is cold, this feeling is lonely
this feeling,
was all but gone, for some damn reason
now has returned

I need my sun, its rays
to chase this, dreary
darkness away!

Please someone show me the way!
I'm lost, drifting and the darkness
is covering me, controlling me
please shine a light
and help me find my way out!

Kiexiza Rodriquez 2011

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