Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Chocolate Goodness! (Poem)

My Chocolate Goodness!

He walks toward me and
my heart begins to beat
I know he has what i need
and i cant breathe
the thought of getting my fill
is over powering
im lost in a zone
almost out of control
before i know it
he is here b4 me
and i cant believe it
its real
my time is near
reality sets in
as i know that once again
things will be get hot again
steam boils over
and over flows
mouth waters
and the clanging begins
i wonder others can hear
does he knows
how much his selfless act
just meant to me
to love so deep
to give me all he has
does he understand the emotions
that flow from me
for the extacy he has provided me
too anxious
too much to take in
i nervously open what is mine and
inhaling the intoxicating scent
its more than i remember
a high unlike any other
licking my lips
i watch as the chocolate
colored goodness disappears out of sight
almost melting
from my view as the clanging becomes more intense
my chocolate goodness
turns a shade lighter,
more creamier
"Baby really, all that over a cup of coffee?"
He snickers. He doesn't understand
my obsession with the seemingly innocent bean
As i stir my wonderful delicious cup and lick the spoon
a devilish smile takes over my lips
"Damn right" i reply, exhaling, completely satisfied.
Then take a glorious sip.
Good night fam!
Kie 2011 :)

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