Sunday, July 17, 2011

Introducing Tierra Rodriquez

her life was Beautiful / Full of all she needed
Until the year it all fell apart
Friends a bright future
and a strong love for the lord
where her strengths
2 parents that lifted her up
guided her
shielded her
and then suddenly her picture
perfect world
was gone, all she knew was through

started with the death
of the greatest man ever
her light, the one who tucked her in
who she knew would always protect her

followed by unwanted touches
a race to get home
to surprise
the one joy she had left in life
turned into screams
and pleas for help
that no one seemed to hear

b4 she knew it
no longer did she yearn
to hear the words or sermons
from her lord
he turned his back on her
when she needed him most
she felt, her world her pain
he surely could have changed
instead he allowed the rain to fall on her
and never again would her shadow darken
a vestibules door frame

Ran from home soon
as soon her H.S. diploma was obtained
her mother and abulea
never being able to get through
to the daughter they once knew,
not knowing the inner hurts she was going thru,
everyone blamed the loss of her farther
for the new, distant, persona that became her armor

years later
shes on top of the world
took that pain and used it
to climb to the top of the corporate ladder
never getting close to anyone
brushing off all attempts at bonding
at love, at genuine emotion
a corporates dream

but how long can the facade
the mask, last?

A Brief history to the lead character in my new novel BEAUTIFUL
What do you think?

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